SUD & Mental Health

Escape the maze

Emerge empowered.

Now, more than ever, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health organizations face a labyrinth of regulatory and operational challenges. These often significantly impact contracting efforts. We leverage our background in program design and accreditation to straighten out and accelerate contracting timelines.

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Move past obstacles

Complex Contract Negotiations

We navigate complex healthcare contract negotiations and meet payers’ varying requirements for SUD & Mental Health facilities. These can include complexities based on product and payer types, sometimes mirroring national accreditation standards.

Policy and Procedure Requirements

As active accreditors of SUD and Mental Health programs, we quickly reconcile the parallel standards of payers with the capabilities of our clients. This enables both to effectively speak the same language.

Mitigate risk

We know compliance inside out and can guide you through potential risks. You can rest easy knowing you’re meeting all the rules and regulations.

“Confidence and trust”

“There is no one I have more confidence in or trust when it comes to SUD and Mental Health program design than Margaret.”

B.C. President, multi-site SUD residential and outpatient program

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