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Open positions

Manager, Negotiations

Our best negotiators excel in two areas. They can build relationships with their payer counterparts through any communication channel. They’re also detailed and well-organized, enabling them to manage a large volume of information across several projects. This is a role potentially suited for someone with a successful track record in provider relations, marketing, or education.

Manager, Client Services

We prize and nurture our client relationships, investing in them so they’re strong and enduring. We can tell their story and frame it in words and values that payers understand. This leads to successful negotiation outcomes and repeat business. The Client Services Manager role is potentially suited for someone with a successful track record in B2B sales, marketing, or journalism.


A HealthAgree internship gives aspiring business management professionals hands-on experience in a consultancy geared to the high expectations of owners and investors in corporate healthcare. Interns will learn the workflow of the business and create tools that make it more efficient.

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