claims resolution

We crack the code on unpaid claims.

Whether you’re stuck in the claims queue or endless back-and-forth with payers over payments, we liberate you and your revenue. Our extensive coding and process knowledge allows your team to focus on blocking and tackling. We take the stack of difficult claims and work to resolve them.

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“HealthAgree can actually get someone to talk to you. They’re relentless.”

“We’ve been working with Health Agree for about a year and a half. Having little to no success in the past on our own, they communicate our needs and wishes to payers with great results. HealthAgree can actually get someone to talk to you. They’re relentless.”

S.D., Administrator of seven-physician West Coast spine practice

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Peace of mind at every stage.

Enhanced Evaluation

This initial phase of insurance claims resolution involves a thorough evaluation of the claims information. We meticulously delve into the intricacies, minimizing the risk of overlooking crucial details or making erroneous judgments.

Reliable Support

Whether it’s addressing documentation issues, clarifying confusing requirements, or chasing down payers, HealthAgree provides invaluable assistance throughout the insurance claims process.

Streamlined Processes

Efficiently streamlining the many steps involved is crucial to minimize bottlenecks, reduce redundancies, and expedite resolution. With a deep understanding of process intricacies, we can optimize workflows for an efficient, seamless and productive experience.

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