Fruitful relationships between practitioners, innovators, and payers are rooted in something deeper than money and of greater substance than a contractual change or transaction. But most companies settle for less, which is why deals fall short and parties remain in conflict.

At HealthAgree, we believe the secret to dynamic payer-provider and payer-innovator relationships begins with Alignment, gets going with Movement, and endures through Partnership.

  • Alignment – Look for symmetry. We interview all the parties involved because we’re not just trying to get a deal done. We discover shared priorities and values.
  • Movement – Never stop communicating. Creating momentum in a stalled relationship takes enormous effort. Our communication practices help you break out of loggerheads and into agreement.
  • Partnership – Find reasons to collaborate. We uncover short- and long-term potential deals. These could be the end goals themselves or simply pilots to test outcomes, access, and sustainability assumptions.

approach_image1If you want more money or more savings, Alignment, Movement, and Partnership is the ground from which it grows. You should consider how a more strategic, sustainable approach to negotiations would serve your business objectives and alleviate your stress. Start today by signing up for our newsletter below or contact us for an initial conversation.