If you would like to speak personally with a client of ours, we’ll be happy to make that connection. Below are thoughts some of them have shared.

“Josh and the HealthAgree team undertake each project with high enthusiasm and energy. The HealthAgree team has helped us positively resolve some challenging coverage policies. In my experience, one of the HealthAgree’ s strengths is the ability to view problems from a fresh, non-biased perspective and then develop concise action plans. They work creatively with our KOLs and sales staff to educate payers about our device and achieve medical policy coverage.”

W.I., Vice President Sales & Marketing, Medical Device Manufacturer

“Josh and his team have both the connections and the know-how to support our contracting goals.  We trust them to represent us when it really matters — with our biggest payers and most complex negotiations.”

N.S., CEO, 11 facility, Multi-State Skilled Nursing Facility Group

“I hired these guys to negotiate for me when an insurer was trying to take me out. Smart guys. They know these guys’ secrets. Worth a try I’d say.”

B.C., Mohs Surgeon & Surgery Center Owner

“We have been working with Josh at Health Agree for about a year and a half. Having little to no success in the past on our own, he has been successful in working with us to communicate our needs and wishes to payers with great results. He can actually get someone to talk to you. He is relentless.”
S.D., Administrator of 7 Physician, West Coast, Spine Practice

“It was helpful to know where we sit versus other markets. Plus, my time is valuable and HealthAgree has a set of skills that is uncommon.”

P.B., CEO, 80 Physician Group & Surgery Center

“We love working with Josh and HealthAgree. Their unparalleled persistence and knowledge of healthcare reimbursement helped us navigate this challenging and quickly changing environment we’re facing which has led to building relationships and capitalizing on opportunity.”

S.S., Co-Owner, Business Director, and Certified Prosthetist/Engineer of a Regional Prosthetic Practice

“HealthAgree has allowed us to not only survive, but to thrive. Despite the changes in healthcare and the economy in recent times, the past few years have been our most successful financially as a practice. Working with HealthAgree has not only allowed us to recognize substantive improvements in reimbursement rates, but has also helped to clarify our process for deciding which payers with whom it makes sense to do business.

C.B., President of 30+ Provider, Regional Mental Health Group

“Josh is a pleasure to work with and turns negotiations into fair and equitable “agreements”. As we prepare for our next round of contract negotiations, we’re again engaging his services. We highly recommend partnering with HealthAgree!”

T.C., Administrator of 10 Physician, Ob/Gyn Practice

“We started working with Josh Kaufmann and his organization several years ago. We made a decision that our expertise was not in negotiating with insurance companies. That was the best decision we made. Josh was able to negotiate approximately a 30% increase with a large insurance payer that we had been unsuccessful doing for at least 5 years. That is to mention just one of several successful negotiating accomplishments. We are very fortunate to have been introduced to Josh Kaufmann.”

T.G., President of 750 employee, Home Health Provider

“In an environment of declining reimbursement, HealthAgree gives the physician some muscle in contract renegotiations that ultimately results in a better bottom line.”

A.C., Urogynecologist

“Working with HealthAgree has been a great experience for our organization.  You helped us build a foundation of Commercial Payor Sources that will guide the organization for years to come.  Personally, you helped me develop as a business professional and assisted me with understanding the process for negotiating Payor Contracts as a Health Care entity.”

A.N., CFO, Multi-Site Community Behavioral Health Center

“After several unsuccessful attempts at renegotiating with our major insurance carriers, we contacted Josh Kaufmann with HealthAgree. Josh was able to obtain increased reimbursement on 5 out of 5 contracts. Needless to say we are thrilled with the results. Josh is very easy to work with and communicates all necessary information in a timely manner. The fees are very reasonable for the success that we gained from the new contracts. We will not hesitate to use HealthAgree again when contracts are ending and we need to renegotiate. This is a top notch company that delivers on what they say they will do.”

M.P., Administrator, 10 Physician, Ob/Gyn Practice

“I have watched with satisfaction as more and more practices turned to HealthAgree for help…and got it. And, now, with their growth in exposure and expertise, I’ve no doubt that HealthAgree will be even more valuable as they help fight the good fight to protect your patients and profession.”

R.D., Executive Director, County Medical Society