We believe changes in medical policy coverage occur when there is convergence in the following areas:

  • KOL Leadership
  • Customer / Provider Communication
  • Market Demand
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Payer Relationships
  • Research Validation

femal_doctor_interiorThe work of pursuing policy overturns and better reimbursement rates is a collaborative process. In this increasingly difficult reimbursement climate, life-improving technologies must be innovative and cost-sensitive. We help you identify the value proposition for payers and present it in relevant formats. Yet, innovation also requires external validation – through research and key opinion leaders (KOLs). And, neither should stand alone. Research papers need to be deconstructed, with key findings summarized. KOLs sometimes need additional attention in light of their busy schedules and your timelines. Finally, obstacles must be overcome. If this were easy, our work would be obsolete.

Similar to our work with hospitals, we help formulate and/or come alongside your existing team with creative insight and applications from our 10 years of working with payers, providers, and patients. We are relentless, disciplined, and connected.

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